ECNP Research Grant for Young Scientists

Please note: this award has been discontinued.  From 2012 onwards, new applications for the ECNP Research Grant for Young Scientists can no longer be submitted.

General information about this award, including details regarding the obligations and responsibilities relevant for winners of the ECNP Research Grant 2011, will remain on this website for future reference.

General information:

research grantThe ECNP Research Grant for Young Scientists provided a unique opportunity for ECNP members to support young scientists.

The objective of the grant was to provide committed, promising young scientists in Europe active in neuropsychopharmacology and/or closely related disciplines the possibility to expand their knowledge and/or skills by working on scientific projects and to study the practice of neuropsychopharmacology preferably in a different country, thereby also creating new and international connections. Accordingly, the research work was carried out at a European academic department of neuropsychopharmacology and/or closely related discipline. All applications were reviewed by the ECNP Award Committee.

Each year a maximum of three European young scientists were awarded with a research grant. Each grant consisted of a maximum amount of EUR 50,000. 


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Winners 2011

Valeria Mondelli

Ruth van Holst

Michel Verheij


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