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7-10 October 2023 (36th ECNP Congress 2023)36th ECNP Congress 2023

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15-18 October 2022 (35th ECNP Congress)35th ECNP Congress 2022

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2-5 October 2021 (34th ECNP Congress Hybrid)34th ECNP Congress Lisbon

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12-15 September 2020 (33rd ECNP Congress Virtual)33rd ECNP Congress Virtual -e-news

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9 September 2019 (32nd ECNP Congress 2019, Copenhagen)

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10 October 2018
Pregnant women recognise baby facial expressions and cries differently depending on their mental health history (Medscape)

9 October 2018

8 October 2018
Research shows club drug GHB associated with brain and cognitive changes (ScienceDaily)

4 September 2017

2 February 2017
Stress and the clock gene

21 September 2016
¿Qué otros problemas esconde la adicción a Internet? (Infosalus)

20 September 2016
High status job means you are less likely to respond to treatment for depression (Newswise)

19 September 2016

18 September 2016

17 September 2016
Internet addiction may indicate other mental health problems (Jamaica Observer)

21 September 2012
For those in posh jobs, depression may be harder to treat
(Los Angeles Times)