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John Geddes wins  2016 ENA Award
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Research Internship: application open
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ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award

John Geddes wins 2016 ENA Award

We are happy to announce John Geddes, Head of the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, as winner of the 2016 ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award (ENA) in recognition of his ground-breaking work on the psychopharmacology of bipoar disorder.

The award is accompanied by a prize of €10,000, which the winner may share with junior collaborators.

John Geddes will give a plenary lecture at the 29th ECNP Congress in Vienna, on Sunday 18 September.

Read the press release...


29th ECNP Congress

Early registration: lower fees!

The early registration deadline is coming up...

Register on or before 15 April to benefit from the lower registration fees.

Please see the registration pages for more information.


Record number of abstracts

Over 1,400 abstracts have been submitted for the 29th ECNP Congress, beating the previous record of 1,290 from 2014. “This is very good news,” says Executive Director Alex Schubert, “because it shows that the science of the meeting remains extremely vigorous, and in fact is getting better and better. It’s a very a good sign for the strength and success of the Vienna congress”. 

The coming weeks, all abstracts will be reviewed for presentation at the congress and/or publication in the ECNP journal European Neuropsychopharmacology.  

ECNP Junior Scientists Initiative

Research Internship: application open

The ECNP Research Internship aims to provide short-term research internship opportunities for junior researchers, across the spectrum of applied and translational neuroscience.

Successful applicants spend two weeks in an institution in a country other than their own under the guidance of a senior researcher, funded by ECNP. For 2016, 15 research internships will be supported.

Are you interested in participating?


The deadline for application is 18 April 2016.


TNM Down Syndrome - still space available

There are still places available to attend the Targeted Network Meeting (TNM) of the

Down Syndrome and Other Genetic Developmental Disorders Network

The topic of the meeting is 'Common mechanisms and therapeutic avenues'.


If you would like to join, please find here more information and how to apply.


2016 ECNP Workshop – an outstanding meeting

The ECNP Workshop, with a format – combining molecular, behavioural and clinical neuroscience – that is unique in Europe, has long been one of ECNP’s most successful educational events.

The topic, ‘The flip side of the brain, glia and their significance,’ brought together 105 junior scientists from 26 countries, as well as a faculty of some of Europe’s top scientists in the field. The feedback, from speakers and participants alike, was outstandingly positive.

This year also saw Mark Millan step down as Workshop Committee Chair, and ECNP thanks him for six years of exceptional work.


Application deadline approaching

ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods

The deadline to apply for this workshop, which will be held 2-4 November 2016, is approaching. If you are interested in joining, please apply before 1 May 2016.

For more information on the programme and submit your application, click the button below.

Submit online 


Neuroscience & Psychotherapy Meeting

Exploring exciting new territory

Every spring ECNP hosts an innovation meeting in Nice, France, to explore a new area of frontier and boundary-jumping science. This year the theme was neuroscience and psychotherapy, organised by Guy Goodwin and Emily Holmes.

Seventy-five researchers and junior scientists spent two days looking at how neuroscience can deepen our understanding of the talking treatments, and vice versa, across a range of behaviours. For many it was their first such conversation across disciplines, and the results were extremely encouraging.

To sustain the momentum, the outputs of the meeting will be presented at a special neuroscience and psychotherapy session (S.34) on Tuesday 20 September, 15.00-16.40, at the 29th ECNP Congress in Vienna.

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