Provisional topics 33rd ECNP Congress

The scientific programme forms the central part of the congress.
Please find below a selection of the key topics for the scientific programme.

  • From synapses to symptoms – targeting the synapse in psychotic and related disorders
  • The future of smartphone-based applications in psychiatry – from data acquisition to patient management
  • The usefulness of cell models for neuropsychiatric disorders
  • First demonstration of a trans-diagnostic quantitative biology approach to neuropsychiatry
  • Psychiatric dimensions and OMICS
  • Translational approaches to stress resilience: from neurobiological mechanisms to treatment implications
  • Prevention of mental disorders in Europe - where are we?
  • Brain aging and associations with lifestyle, stress and affective disorders across the lifespan
  • New insights into late-life depression from tau and amyloid brain imaging
  • News in anxiety disorders - epidemiology, entities, effectiveness and epigenetics
  • Correction of circuit specific and dendritic alterations in Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities
  • Dietary interventions for mental health conditions
  • Targeting astrocytes and neuroglial interactions as new targets for therapeutic strategies in CNS disorders
  • The role of appetitive gut hormones in eating and addictive behaviours: identifying novel treatments for addiction
  • Alcohol addiction as a network disorder: evidence from structural, functional and neurochemical brain connectivity and implications for treatment
  • Deep brain stimulation strategies for schizophrenia: from ethical considerations to clinical trial results
  • How does developmental trauma induce psychosis in adulthood?
  • Molecular agents as new tool in diagnostics and treatment of severe mental disorders: beyond the DNA
  • Cognitive probes for clinical applications in the management of depression and alcohol dependence
  • Novel strategies to understand and treat Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Contributing data to neuroimaging research consortia
  • Psychedelic medicine 2.0: what’s in a dose?
  • Prescribing in pregnancy: risks and benefit with real world practice
  • The heart-brain connection: less antipsychotics and more statins for a healthier heart and brain?
  • Suicidality in children and adolescents with externalizing disorders
  • Optimising ECT Practice: maximising benefit, minimising side-effects