Targeted Network Meetings (TNMs)

Meeting concept
The objective of the TNMs is to assist in developing ideas as a group with the best supporting scientific advice. TNM sessions could cover, for instance, a discussion of results already obtained by a network, plans and strategies for future projects, potential translational developments or a critical assessment of gaps and unmet needs in a specific area. 

In order to facilitate the interaction between scientists and the ECNP Networks and to encourage multidisciplinary approaches, three Targeted Network Meetings (TNMs) are held on 6 September 2017 in Paris, France (just after the 30th ECNP Congress).

The TNMs are coordinated by members of the following networks: Schizophrenia NetworkNeuroimaging Network and Child and Adolescent Neuropsychopharmacology Network.

The programme of the three 2017 TNMs is:

Meeting deliverables
The following output is expected from each Targeted Network Meeting:

  • A symposium proposal for the next ECNP Congress
  • A short report of the meeting for publication on the ECNP website and/or other communication material
  • Suggestions for future discussion topics or research strategies



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