ECNP dissemination tools

ECNP can support in the dissemination of EU projects. Please combine any of the five options given below:

1. Dissemination of project generated content via ECNP channels

  • ECNP newsletter
    Via the monthly ECNP newsletter, called the E-news, ECNP can circulate project newsletters, interviews and other suitable content max 4 times per year. The E-news is sent to a database of around 5,000 researchers and clinicians.
  • ECNP webpage
    The EU-funded projects supported by ECNP are placed on the ECNP website (95,000) users on average per year with a short project outline and weblink to the project’s own webpage.
  • ECNP social media accounts
    The ECNP accounts can like and reshare posts from the project’s account. Followers July 2023: Twitter (~4,843 followers), LinkedIn (5,553 followers), Facebook (followers 8,100), Instagram (~2506 followers) up to 10% of ECNPs own activity on social media channels.

2. Annual ECNP Congress (5,000 – 6,000 participants annually)

  • We support EU projects in their submission for the ECNP Congress programmes. The ECNP Office will inform on the opening and closing of the submission pages and can give advice on project suitable session types.
  • During the course of the EU project, ECNP offers the possibility for one Campfire at the ECNP Congress. The ECNP Campfire format is followed for the structure of the session. A budget needs to be allocated to ECNP to cover the costs for this session.
  • In co-ordination with the dissemination co-ordinator, ECNP will generate a banner to promote the project at ECNP events. For the banner the ECNP format is used, this includes a QR code to the project’s website. A budget needs to be allocated to ECNP to cover the cost for design, printing and transport of the banner.

3. ECNP podcast series

  • ECNP Podcasts aim to bring conversations with some of the leading researchers in applied neuroscience to the ECNP community. They appeal especially to our younger audience.
    Together with the project co-ordinator, ECNP can record a maximum of two podcasts per EU project. For the format ECNPs podcast guidelines are followed. A budget needs to be allocated to ECNP to cover the costs for recording and editing.

4. Attendance of project meetings

  • A representative of ECNP will attend the 1st kick-off meeting in person. The following annual meetings are attended virtually unless it is specifically required to attend in person.
  • A representative of ECNP will digitally attend the monthly (work package) meetings.

5. Webinar series
Going forward, ECNP is developing a meeting and learning platform, which in the future will be able to support dissemination. Suitable examples include; the establishment of clinical guidelines, end products such as a database or management platform. A budget needs to be allocated to ECNP to cover the costs of the webinar series. Once the platform and session types are established, possible ECNP webinar formats will be published below.