About the meeting
The ECNP New Frontiers Meeting in Nice, France, will take place on 19-20 March 2023. This face-to-face meeting is an essential platform for focused, high-level exchange at the intersection of research science and the development of psychedelics as new treatments for brain disorders.

This meeting is designed for stakeholders from basic and clinical neuroscience, pharma industry, regulators, and patient and family associations who are interested in exploring how psychedelics are currently re-emerging as therapeutic agents, albeit at a much more comprehensively examined level than 50 years ago. The meeting will provide a state-of-the-art status of where we stand today, and what needs to be achieved in order to move forward with some of these powerful, but scheduled compounds.

New Frontiers Concept

Neuroscience is facing a crisis in the translation of fundamental advances into new treatments. The crisis has seen a significant slowing-down in the development of new and better therapies, and widespread disinvestment from the field, especially in Europe. The ECNP New Frontiers Meeting was launched to help tackle this critical challenge. As Europe’s leading independent scientific association for the science and treatment of disorders of the brain, ECNP is in a unique position to provide a neutral, precompetitive platform for the exchange of insights and ideas across the spectrum of CNS research and development.

Previous meetings

Programme and report of the previous ECNP New Frontiers Meetings can be found here: