Through the activities of our Network, we got two grants for the JPND-funded projects ‘The locus coeruleus: at the crossroad of dementia syndromes’ and 'Neuropathological and amyloid peptides differences between Down syndrome and familial Alzheimer’s disease with duplications and missense mutations in APP gene' that ended in 2021.

In 2020 we obtained an H2020 project GO-DS21 GO-DS21 “Gene overdosage and comorbidities during the early lifetime in Down syndrome”.

This year we got an ERA-NET NEURON funding on “Development of over-inhibition of cortical circuits in Down syndrome” DevInDS.

We obtained an EBRA cluster TRIOMY21 to establish a collaborative framework for the coordinated actions of Down syndrome research in Europe. Recently, our Network published the review “Translating molecular advances in Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome into therapies” and an article about the first successful clinical trial in individuals with Down syndrome.

Our members are also actively participating into the international Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS) and our network is actively collaborating with the other ECNP network Pharmacogenomics and Transcriptomics and the ECNP Thematic Working Group iPSCs Platform for Neuropsychiatry.

Finally, we participated to review papers in the special issue of European Neuropsychopharmacology.