Mission statement/aims

  • The OCRN aims to deepen the understanding of obsessions and compulsions in psychiatric disorders at the behavioural, neural and molecular level using cross-species observational and experimental approaches.
  • Our objectives include:
    -responding to existing relevant grant proposals
    -strengthening existing projects and collaborations
    -setting the research agenda for the future.
  • To this end, the key outstanding research questions for the field will be identified and research strategies developed to address them through collaborative enterprise.
  • This will be achieved through focussed meetings, teleconferences, establishment of shared multinational databases, multicentre studies and joint publications. Collaboration across existing ECNP Networks and other networks will be encouraged.
  • A key additional role will be to lobby for OCRDs initiatives at the highest level e.g. via the European Brain Council.


The Network was formally established in February 2012.

Chair: Naomi Fineberg is the current OCRN chair since 2012. She has co-ordinated several EU grant applications for the OCRN over this period and organised and co-chaired the targeted network meeting (TNM) in October 2013. Elections for the position will be held in April 2015.

Co-chair: Dick Veltman was elected to the position in mid-2014. Prof. Veltman co-chaired the TNM in October 2013 and helped the OCRN take forward recent OCRN Horizon 2020 applications.