List of ECNP Networks and TWGs

There are currently thirteen active ECNP Networks and four active ECNP Thematic working groups (TWG).
Please click on the links below for more information on each network and TWG.


The primary purpose of a network should be to develop research activities within the EU and for scientific proposals to be funded by the various EU framework initiatives and other funding bodies.

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FP7 applications have been obtained by:

  • Child and Adolescent Neuropsychopharmacology Network:
    ADDUCE  * 
    PERS  * 
    STOP  * 
    ACTICS  *  
  • Bipolar Disorders Network    
  • European Network for Schizophrenia: OPTIMISE  *
  • European Network for Schizophrenia: EUSPORT  *  
  • Anxiety Disorders Network: EUSARNAD  *

A number of scientific manuscripts have already been published, supported by the ECNP Networks. Many more will follow and will become available on the ECNP website soon. 

Abbreviation guide

ADDUCE Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Drugs Use Chronic Effects. 
EUSARNAD  European and South African Research Network in Anxiety Disorders. 
EUSPORT  European Schizophrenia Prevention of Relapse Study. 
OPTIMIZE  Optimisation of Treatment and Management of Schizophrenia in Europe. 
PERS  Pediatric European Risperidone Studies. 
STOP  Suicidality: Treatment Occuring in Paediatrics. 
TACTICS  Translational Adolescent and Childhood Therapeutic Interventions in Compulsive Syndromes.