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The ECNP Press Officer, Tom Parkhill, can be reached via:  
For urgent enquiries, call him on +39 349 238 8191 or call the ECNP Office on +31 88 756 9555.
Office hours are 09.00 to 17.30 (CET), Monday to Friday. 

About the ECNP

The European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) is a pan-European body which works to ensure that advances in the understanding of brain function and human behaviour are translated into better treatments and better public health. ECNP draws its membership from psychiatry, neuroscience, and many other disciplines. The ECNP annual congress attracts up to 6000 delegates, and is the largest European congress on major psychiatry and neuroscience.

The ECNP can give specialist press comment on subjects related to mental health and neuroscience including:
  • The state of mental health in Europe
  • Drugs and addiction
  • Bipolar disorder (previously called manic depression)
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress, including post-traumatic stress
  • Brain imaging
  • ADHD
  • Dementia
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder  

Background talks

ECNP background talks are available on a range of topics related to mental health. The talks are presented by international experts, and typically last 7 to 10 minutes. You can access the full list of talks at:  
Recent talks feature obesity, autism, brain imaging, addiction, etc.  

Annual congress

The 29th Annual ECNP congress ( takes place in Vienna from 17 September-20 September 2016. Up to 6000 attendees are expected, making it the largest European meeting in the field. Journalists are welcome to attend. Amsterdam

participation in the congress is free of charge for journalists, but requires registration. Please register via the online registration form (after 31 August 2016 you can only register on-site).  
Please note:

  • A copy of a valid press card or a letter of assignment is needed.
  • Only one person per publication or agency can benefit from free registration. 

Please contact the press office for more information, 

Information for the public

Please note that there is no-one in our office who is medically qualified and we are unable to give any medical advice. Because of this, we are not allowed to accept calls from patients. 

Recent and notable press releases

April 2016
Major mental health project aims to uncover root causes of social withdrawal 


28th ECNP Congress, 28 August-1 September 2015:

“But doctor, I’m not ill”: research finds relation between marker of brain cell dysfunction and awareness of illness in psychotic patients

Women in poor areas twice as likely to develop clinical anxiety as men

Clinical trial shows first treatment for ‘emotional flatness’ associated with schizophrenia

Research shows testosterone changes brain structures in female-to-male transsexuals

Psychotic patients distinguished from controls while watching movie Alice in Wonderland 

Study shows that food may be addictive: research indicates food craving is ‘hard-wired’ in the brain

Can you avoid hangovers after heavy drinking? 

Scientists show how magnetic pulses change the brain in treatment for depressed patients: may open door to individualised treatment

How can we prevent suicide? Major study shows suicide risk factors associated with depression

A single cocaine dose lowers perceptions of sadness and anger

August 2015:
Systematic review shows ‘smart drug’ modafinil does enhance cognition

July 2015:
ECNP special news feature: interview Tom Insel

Mary Baker wins the 2015 ECNP Media Award

March 2015:
Francesc Artigas’s exceptional research contributions to depression and schizophrenia recognised by the 2015 ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award

October 2014:
27th ECNP Congress, Berlin 

Dick Swaab wins the 2014 ECNP Media Award

November 2013:
ECNP in the news:
David Nutt wins the 2013 John Maddox Prize
for Standing up for Science

Spring 2013:
ECNP in the news:
International collaboration to address new
approach to psychiatric drug nomenclature
Joseph Zohar, President of the ECNP

8 May 2012: 
The Science Media Centre, London, wins the 2012 ECNP Media Award  

5 September 2011:
The Size and Burden of Mental Disorders in Europe

ECNP announces the release of the ECNP/EBC Report on Size and Burden of Mental Disorders in Europe 2011.

For the full press release in English, click here.
To read the full report, click here.

14 June 2011:
Funding crisis threatens development of new treatments for mental illness

ECNP announces the release of the Report on the ECNP Summit on the future of CNS drug research in Europe 2011.

On 14 June ECNP released the report, prepared by David Nutt and Guy Goodwin, of its Summit meeting of key European neuroscience stakeholders on the future of CNS drug research in Europe.

For the full press release in English, click here.

For the full press release in French, click here.

For the full press release in German, click here.

For the full press release in Spanish, click here.

To listen to the Summit Report press briefing at the Science Media Centre in London on 13 June, with David Nutt, Guy Goodwin and Alastair Benbow (European Brain Council), here.