ECNP Certificate

ECNP Certificate

The ECNP Certificate offers formal recognition by Europe’s leading independent scientific association in neuropsychopharmacology of the attainment of a set level of expertise in the field and its related disciplines.

Even more importantly, it offers junior researchers the chance to work with a senior European scientist with whom they would otherwise not have the opportunity to interact.

In addition to this, it offers junior researchers the chance to present their work to the European scientific community, to engage in dialogue and scientific exchange at a European level, and build a pan-European research network.

It is no longer possible to apply for the ECNP Certificate.  

Winners 2016

  • Agorastos Agorastos, Germany
    Mentor: Astrid Linthorst, United Kingdom  

  • Zoya Marinova, Switzerland
    Mentor: Naomi Fineberg, United Kingdom

  • Dejan Stevanovic, Serbia
    Mentor: Gil Zalsman, Israel  

Winner 2015

  • Christian Imboden, Switzerland

Winners 2014

  • Florian Freudenberg
  • Marta Rapado-Castro 

Winner 2013

  • Julius Burkauskas