ECNP Research Internship (ERI)

Junior ScientistsThe ECNP Research Internship is an initiative of ECNP and the ECNP Junior Member Advisory Panel (JMAP), and has been developed in collaboration with EFPT (European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees). It aims to provide short-term research internship opportunities for junior researchers, across the spectrum of applied and translational neuroscience. 

The ECNP Executive Committee has decided to continue with this project and for 2017 it is foreseen that 15 research internships will be supported.

Project outline
A selected group of senior researchers will offer a short two week exploratory experience in their institutions.
The hosting scientist is encouraged to establish a long term relationship with the applicant and teach a basic translational research method which the participant can use at home when he/she returns.

Experiences from previous interns are accessible via the following links:

How to apply
It is no longer possible to apply for the 2017 Internship round. The deadline for application was 22 February 2017.

The outcome of the review by the ECNP Educational Committee will be sent to the applicants before 1 July 2017.

ECNP will fund up to 1,000 EUR to the junior scientist for the entire internship period to cover the main part of the travel and accommodation expenses.

Senior researchers:

Celso Arango, Spain 
David Baldwin, United Kingdom 
Eero Castrén, Finland
Filippo Drago, Italy
Naomi Fineberg, United Kingdom
Jaanus Harro, Estonia 
Martien Kas, The Netherlands  
Siegfried Kasper, Austria
Gitte Moos Knudsen, Denmark  
Laurence Lanfumey, France
Stefan Leucht, Germany
Hamish McAllister-Williams, United Kingdom 
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany
Luisa Minghetti, Italy  
David Nutt, United Kingdom  
Andreas Reif, Germany  
David Slattery, Germany  
Dan Stein, South Africa  
Per Svenningsson, Sweden  
Eduard Vieta, Spain  
Eric Vermetten, The Netherlands  
Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, Germany  
Gil Zalsman, Israel  
Joseph Zohar, Israel