July 2020

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Message from the President
Thursday 30 July 2020

ECNP President Gitte Moos Knudsen

Happy summer time

Many of you are probably now preparing for summer holidays, or are perhaps already enjoying a hopefully good summer time after what to many of us has been the strangest spring ever.

We are now only starting to understand the impact of the long-term health consequences of having had a Covid-19 infection. As it turns out, neurological and psychiatric symptoms may reside a long time after the infection is over, and may potentially never disappear.

Whereas things are looking calmer in most parts of Europe, with only limited and local Covid-19 outbreaks being observed, other parts of the world, in particular North and South America, are struggling with devastating death rates and the corona-crisis-associated economic problems. The decision to take the ECNP Congress 2020 online was the only right decision and we are happy that the decision was made early enough for preparations to be made. The ECNP Office are working tirelessly with our providers to make the 33rd ECNP Congress Virtual a successful one, and we are looking forward to “meeting” you all in September.

Regardless of whether you are working in basic or clinical neuroscience, in the industry, as a regulator or anything else, you have been affected by the corona crisis. A special thank-you goes to all those of you who have worked to help Covid-19-affected individuals. I hope that the summer holidays will be a well-deserved and relaxing time for you and your family.

Happy holidays – and stay safe!

Gitte Moos Knudsen
ECNP President
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