General information

ECNP Seminars are held virtually via Zoom, with content and materials provided to participants via the ECNP Seminar platform (accessible via the My ECNP portal on the ECNP website) and via e-mail.

Only applicants who have been selected for participation will be able to participate in the Seminar and access the ECNP Seminar platform. There is no registration fee.

The programme can be found here.

Participants have to watch pre-recorded lecture videos before the start of the Seminar, as well as complete the ECNP SPOC. Free access to the SPOC is provided by ECNP.

Certificate of attendance
After the Seminar a certificate of attendance will be e-mailed to all participants that have watched the required lectures and attended the full Seminar (so the two afternoons). It will also be made available via the My ECNP portal on the ECNP website.

The official language is English. No translation is provided.

ECNP requests faculty to disclose potential conflicts of interest. This will allow the audience to take potential conflicts of interest into account when assessing the objectivity of the presentation.

Potential conflicts of interest can involve: grants, honoraria, shares, paid positions on advisory boards, etc.

In case of cancellation, participants are asked to notify the ECNP Office via e-mail as soon as possible.

Further information
For any questions or issues regarding the ECNP Seminars, please contact the ECNP Office.