Early Career Advisory Panel (ECAP)

In 2013 ECNP founded the Early Career Advisory Panel (ECAP) to advise on the needs of future members of the College, to give input on development of Early Career Scientist activities and initiatives, to help generate activities for Early Career Scientists and clinicians, and to receive feedback on current activities.

Early Career Advisory Panel (ECAP) The committee is composed of graduates of the ECNP Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Europe and the ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods (to represent respectively the pre-clinical and clinical multidisciplinary compound) and members of the ECNP Schools (to represent the clinical multidisciplinary compound), being the Neuropsychopharmacology School or the Child and Adolescent School.

To keep the group as close to our early career members as possible, the panel is refreshed regularly.

In recent years ECAP has been involved in the development of several Early Career Scientist activities during the ECNP Congress:

  • The off-site Science-on-the-Rocks evening
  • Career Development Sessions
  • Match-making Translational Speed-dating Session (MYTM)
  • Early Career Scientist corner at the Welcome Reception

The ECAP also helped developing the ECNP Research Internship Project (ERI) and the Translational early career internship project, in this sub-project of the ERI selected couples that participated in the MYTM speed-dating session at the congress receive funding to organise a peer-to-peer translational internship.

Apart from congress related activities, ECAP has initiated the following projects:


ECAP at the 35th ECNP Congress 2022
  • Aiste Lengvenyte, France, chair
  • Gitte Moos Knudsen, Denmark, representative Executive Committee
  • Sofi Atshemyan, Republic of Armenia
  • Christine Fülling, Ireland
  • Ilse Graat, The Netherlands
  • Kosma Sakrajda, Poland