ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods

November 2022, Barcelona, Spain

ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods

Good science is all about methods. 
Moreover, science is nothing more – nothing less – than a method to approach and generate knowledge. Hence, learning the methodology of research is the only way to intimately know a discipline. This is, of course, also true for psychiatry. Being familiar with research methodology will help psychiatrists not only to be able to develop their own research but also to critically understand the literature in the field in order to reach evidence-based clinical practice.
ECNP is extremely interested in promoting research skills in Early Career Scientists, including clinicians. Early career clinician members of ECNP identified a gap in their training concerning their ability to get top-quality and practical information on how to get started in clinical research. The ECNP Executive Committee therefore decided to start the ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods to fill this gap.
ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods
The ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods aims at introducing early career clinicians (psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, etc) into research methodology and to promote a critical thinking approach to the scientific literature that is particularly relevant to clinical practice.
It is a unique opportunity for early career colleagues to become familiar with the scientific method, the key to good practice. A number of international renowned researchers share their professional experiences to this end.
In 2022 the maximum number of participants will be 50.
The three-day workshop will take place at the Hospital Clinic of the University of Barcelona with several practical interactive sessions including issues of interest such as:
  • Research in psychopharmacology
  • Non-pharmacological research
  • How to read and write a scientific paper
  • How to start a successful scientific project and career

The programme will be available early 2022.

Application requirements
Application is open to those that are an Early Career Scientist as defined by ECNP.

How to apply
Online application will open in February 2022. The deadline to apply is 15 June 2022.

During the application process, applicants will be asked to upload the following:

  • Copy of passport/identity card
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

All documents need to be in English.

Registration and accommodation
For those selected, there is no registration fee. Hotel accommodation is offered by ECNP for two nights in a shared room, with breakfast, at a hotel near the workshop venue.

ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods 2022   ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods 2022 

Participants of the ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods 2021

Experiences from previous Workshops

"The things I liked the most were the high professionalism, the opportunity to meet with such a prominent names in the psychiatry field and to get inspiration from them about future research work. The chance to embrace more critical thinking in dealing with scientific papers was another great lesson!".
Ivayla Kamenova

"I found the scientific content of the Workshop very useful for my professional career. I would definitely suggest my colleagues to participate in this Workshop in the future."
Matteo Vismara

“Across the three days I had the privilege to listen and talk to some of the top researchers in psychiatry. What an experience it has been!! ”
Alex Pavel

Previous Workshops
Visit our history page for more info about our past ECNP Workshops.

The ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods is funded by the ECNP Scholarship and Research Foundation (R&S), a public-interest-serving entity.