Guidelines for poster presentation

Outcomes of the review

Poster presenters have received an e-mail with the outcome of the review. The possible outcomes are the following:


 Outcome A    Outcome B    Outcome C  
  • In-person presentation by means of a paper poster in Barcelona
  • Presentation by means of an electronic poster online
 ✓  ✓  ✓
  • Publication of the abstract in the digital congress supplement to the open access ECNP journal Neuroscience Applied
 ✓  ✓  


Registration (Outcome A, B and C)
To be able to present your poster you have to be registered for the congress in-person or online depending on the outcome of the review. You register for the congress using the registration portal on the website.
You could register until 15 August. For questions please send e-mail to registration.
Posters of presenting authors not registered by 15 August will be withdrawn.

Creating a Poster or ePoster (Outcome A, B and C)
The Golden Rule: The scientific content of your poster is the most important determinant of its success, but an effective presentation of your data can significantly enhance the impact of your study!

Your poster needs to tell a story by itself as you will not be present at your poster or available for a chat with online participants during the entire congress. Participants might visit the poster area at other times or browse through the ePosters. The most effective poster is a concise one, i.e. include only essential data and text. Do not duplicate your abstract on the poster, but do display your conclusions clearly.

✓ Design
A poster is basically a visual expression of a scientific idea. Posters and/or ePosters should have eye-catching yet simple drawings, diagrams, graphs and/or photographs with a clean and attractive layout.

  • Each (e)Poster must have a top banner indicating poster number, the title of the abstract, the names of the authors and their affiliations.
  • All posters must be written entirely in English.
  • All Posters (A0) and ePosters (A4) must be created in portrait (one page only) and uploaded in PDF.
  • No hyperlinks, animated images, animations or slide transitions.

✓ Disclosure
ECNP requests poster presenters to disclose potential conflicts of interest regarding their current poster presentation at the bottom of their poster. This disclosure will allow the audience to take potential conflicts of interest into account when assessing the objectivity of the presentation. Potential conflicts of interest can involve: grants, honoraria, shares, paid positions on advisory boards, etc. Please note that if you do not have a conflict of interest, you should also explicitly mention this on your poster.

✓ Poster number
It is mandatory to put your poster number on the poster. The participants can find your poster using the poster numbers. Please note that this is not your abstract number but your poster number (P.xxxx)!

In-person presentation by means of a paper poster in Barcelona (Outcome A)
In the e-mail, you can find the date on which your poster presentation is scheduled. The posters can be viewed the whole day, but there is a special poster session scheduled during which you are requested to join your poster.

You can create your poster as a Portrait A0 pdf.

Poster as a PORTRAIT A0

  • Printfile: PDF
  • Size: A0
  • Colour: CMYK
  • Resolution min. 150 dpi
  • Make sure, the logos and pictures you use are pdf / eps / tif or jpg in good quality. Do not use pngs from the internet (websites or e-mail signatures)!
  • Selfcontrol: open the pdf-reader and zoom to 150 % to check the quality

Please save it with the following name: posternumber_lastname_A0.pdf and upload this via a link that will be provided. The deadline to upload was 15 September.

This pdf of the poster will be used for the poster onsite, which ECNP will print and hang up on the assigned day.

Apart from the designated poster session where you will present your paper poster, you are free to meet other participants and present your poster at a self-chosen time.

Presentation by means of an electronic poster online (Outcome A, B and C)
All posters accepted for presentation will be available on the congress platform during – and 3 months after – the congress.

You can create your ePoster as a PORTRAIT A4 pdf.

ePoster as a PORTRAIT A4 PDF.

Please save it with the following name: posternumber_lastname_A0.pdf and upload this via a link that will be provided. The deadline to upload was 15 September.

Audio (Outcome A, B and C)
You can accompany your ePoster with an audio recording of you presenting the poster.
During the upload of your ePoster you can upload a file for audio. This has to be a .wav file. If you want to record the audio file using our tool, please choose 'type of document' audio file and press 'add your file'. The tool will automatically open. You can record your audio file and that audio file will be saved in the downloads file folder on your computer. Click the upload audio button and choose the correct file. The audio file should not be more than 3 minutes.

Video (Outcome A, B and C)
This year you are also able to upload a 3-minute pitch video of your presentation with your ePoster.

  • The presentation should be between 2 and 3 minutes
  • Filming in landscape is more friendly to watch on the platform
  • The presentation should contain both audio and video
  • Be creative! It’s just not about what you presenting, but also on how you present it. You can get creative in how you would like to present your research, you don't necessarily need to stick to using PowerPoint slides
  • Think about introducing yourself and make sure that you are in the video at least once as the presenter
  • MP4 file
  • Please use the following file name: - First name Last name

Please find below two examples of good videos from ECNP Workshop 2022 participants:

Publication in the journal (Outcome A and B)
Abstracts accepted for publication will be published after the congress in an online congress supplement to the open access ECNP journal Neuroscience Applied only if the presenting author attends the congress. Badge pick-up and online participation will be checked.

Presenting authors (Outcome A, B and C)
All abstracts presented will be made available on the congress website and in the ECNP app in September. Your personal profile is connected to the abstract in the online programme, the app and on the online platform. Please make sure to update your profile in MyECNP portal.