Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates candidates for the future Executive Committee (EC). Although appointed by the Executive Committee, it reports to the General Assembly and its seven members are ineligible for election to the Executive Committee. In selecting nominees, it takes into account scientific standing of potential candidates, as well as the overall geographical and disciplinary balance of the Executive Committee.

The members of the committee who nominated the Executive Committee 2016-2019 were:

Joseph Zohar, Israel, chair
Celso Arango, Spain
Nicoletta Brunello, Italy
William Deakin, United Kingdom
Guy Goodwin, United Kingdom
René S. Kahn, The Netherlands 
Marion Leboyer, France

The members of the committee who will nominate the Executive Committee 2019 - 2021 are:

Guy Goodwin, United Kingdom, past president of the EC, chair
Celso Arango, Spain, president
Tomas Hökfelt, Sweden
Gitte Knudsen, Denmark, president-elect
Ruth McKernan, United Kingdom
Hans-Jürgen Möller, Germany
Wim van den Brink, Netherlands