ECNP Seminar in Neuropsychopharmacology

8-10 November 2019, Zrenjanin, Serbia

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ECNP Seminar Serbia 2019

Participants at the ECNP Seminar held in Zrenjanin, Serbia in November 2019.

The ECNP Seminar was held in the city of Zrenjanin which is located 75km away from Belgrade, and in the center of Serbia region called Banat, famous for its ethnical diversity, natural preservatives, culture, art, cuisine, and wine. The seminar started with a welcome and a dinner on 8 November 2019. During the dinner participants were socializing with experts and exchanged scientific ideas in an informal conversation. A number of 18 young scientists participated in the seminar, and as time went on, they were increasingly open to discussions, questions, and knowledge sharing. Avi Avital talked about ECNP and its goals, as well as how to prepare scientific presentation and scientific paper. He also talked about Methylphenidate and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Anton Bespalov talked about Negative (null) results and its importance. Local experts (Janko Samardzic, Dejan Stevanovic, Gorica Djokic) gave participants good advices about scientific methodology and importance of reviewers in paper publication. Kostas Fountoulakis talked about evidence-based algorithms for the treatment of bipolar disorders. Then, participants were divided into 3 workshop groups, for their 10min presentations on Saturday and Sunday, followed by scientific discussion about every presentation. Saturday afternoon was reserved for cultural event, visiting the National museum of Zrenjanin and Zrenjanin City Hall, famous for it’s architecture and stained glass. We spent the evening in a restaurant with the tambourine orchestra. Sunday afternoon was day D and we proclaimed the ECNP Seminar Award winners Dunja Randjelovic from Belgrade, and Iva Binic from Nis. Local experts decided in agreement with Prof Avital, to bring with them as their young scientists 3 participants who were next in the list for the awards (Vojislav Jovanovic, Belgrade; Dejan MIhailovic,  Kosovska Mitrovica; Jaksa Vukojevic, Zagreb).