Meet our keynote speaker: Bita Moghaddam, USA

Keynote lecture 'Evolution of glutamate models of psychosis'
Saturday 15 October,15.45-16.30

Bita Moghaddam is currently the Ruth Matarazzo Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. Her research focuses on understanding the neuronal basis of complex behaviours that are critical to mental health, and is distinguished by the substantial impact on the field (H-index 78). Her work contributed to the discovery of the first non-monoamine targeting compound targeting metabotropic glutamate receptors for treatment of schizophrenia and potential mechanisms to explain the antidepressant effects of ketamine. Her research has been funded continuously since 1991, including a MERIT award from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Bita also hosted the Campfire Session CA04 — Promises and perils of Ketamine (in-person only) on Sunday 16 October at 11.15-12.00 CEST — Central European Summer Time.