Press briefings

Four press briefings took place during the 26th ECNP Congress:

Press briefing 1: Sunday 6 October, 12.00-12.50
New developments in basic research
Moderator: Gitte Knudsen, Denmark

Press briefing 2: Monday 7 October, 08.00-8.50
New developments in adult psychiatry
Moderator: Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, Germany 

Press briefing 3:  Monday 7 October, 12.00-12.50
New developments in child and adolescent psychiatry
Moderator: Alessandro Zuddas, Italy 

  • The pharmacological treatment of adult ADHD, Esther Sobanski, Germany
  • New treatment options for cognitive problems in Down syndrome, Benoit Delatour, France

Press briefing 4: Tuesday 8 October, 08.00-8.50
Classification and diagnosis in psychiatry
Moderator: Wim van den Brink, The Netherlands

  • Adult disorders, Guy Goodwin, United Kingdom  
  • Child and adolescent disorders, Celso Arango, Spain
  • The patient perspective, Paul Arteel, Belgium 

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