ECNP Summit on the future of CNS drug research in Europe

ECNP, as one of the leading voices for neuropsychopharmacology and psychiatry in Europe, is very concerned about the pulling out or downsizing of neuroscience research in Europe by many of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Combined with the already low levels of public funding for research into mental and neurological disorders in the region, such cut-backs represent a serious setback for European CNS research.

ECNP believes that European institutions can and must respond to this challenge immediately before the field suffers long-term and possibly irreparable damage.

In response to this crisis, ECNP, in conjunction with the EU, organised this invitation-only Summit of key stakeholders in order to develop a set of proposals to remediate the current situation and to secure a sustainable future for European neuroscience.

Guy Goodwin, United Kingdom
David Nutt, United Kingdom

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ECNP Summit:


2012 Vienna, Austria

2011 Nice, France