Neuropsychopharmacology across Brain Diseases 

Psychiatry and neurology are two specialisms that focus on disorders of the same organ system – the brain – but from two different perspectives, which sometimes seem to be in conflict or opposition. In order to work towards a more integrated approach where each disciplines understandings could help to inform the other, the ECNP hosted a special scientific meeting with experts across a range of different disease states and including preclinical scientists as well. The report sums up the key elements of this meeting and looks to how the disciplines may work together better in future to the benefit of science and patients.

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The Size and Burden of Mental Disorders in Europe

The ECNP/EBC ‘Size and Burden of Mental Disorders in Europe’ report, released at the 24th ECNP Congress in Paris, France, updates and expands the 2005 report. The report is the output of a three-year multi-dimensional project to quantify the scale and impact of mental illness in Europe.

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ECNP Summit Report

The Report of the 2011 Summit on the future of CNS drug research in Europe, prepared by David Nutt and Guy Goodwin, is now available.

Published in European Neuropsychopharmacology, the report summarises the output of this key gathering of European neuroscience stakeholders and offers a plan of action for how the funding crisis facing CNS drug research in Europe can be addressed.

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