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28th ECNP Congress


Have you registered already? We have special discount rates for:

• ECNP Members
• Junior Scientists
• Non-MDs
• Residents of developing countries

Visit for details.

Childcare at the congress

While you enjoy the sessions and posters, we will take care of your child(ren)! A professional child care agency, Tante Marloes, has been hired for this service and is offered to you by ECNP free of charge.

The multilingual team will create a safe, creative and fun environment for all children aged 0-12 years old. They will provide a full range of activities, play equipment and toys to let the children enjoy themselves throughout the day. There will also be a relaxing space where children can calm down or sleep.

More details and info about how to register your children can be found here.


Targeted Network Meetings: apply now!

On Wednesday 2 September 2015, directly after the 28th ECNP Congress, three Targeted Network Meetings (TNMs) will be held, organised by the ECNP Networks:

• Preclinical data forum network (programme)
• Experimental medicine and brain disorders network (programme)
• Traumatic stress network (programme)

TNMs are full-day interactive meetings, with a limited number of 30 participants in total (including speakers).

If you would like to participate, apply here before 15 June 2015.


Joop van Gerven joins Executive Committee

The Executive Committee welcomes a new co-opted member: Joop van Gerven. Joop is the CNS research director at the Centre for Human Drug Research in Leiden in the Netherlands (, a foundation specialising in data-intensive, early phase clinical studies, and professor of clinical psychoneuropharmacology at Leiden University.

His primary interests are in the prediction of pharmacological effects of CNS-active agents during early phases of drug development and neuropsychiatric challenge-tests.

“Joop’s extensive experience with the biotech sector makes him a valuable addition,” said ECNP president Guy Goodwin, “we’re pleased to have him aboard.”


ISCTM Autumn meeting

This year, ISCTM will be holding its ‘Autumn’ meeting in Europe: on 27-29 August in Amsterdam, immediately preceding the 28th ECNP Congress.

The opportunity to extend the scope of ISCTM’s activities and deliver on its mission to promote a truly international response to the challenges of therapeutic innovation in the CNS arena is a very important one.

By holding the meeting jointly with the ECNP Congress, ISCTM has been able to link the premier forum for issues confronting drug development to Europe’s largest meeting for the science and treatment of disorders of the brain. For all those interested in this critical area, it’s a very exciting combination.

To register, click here.

ENP article of the month

This month's featured article for free download:

'Differential effects of antipsychotic drugs on insight in first episode schizophrenia: Data from the European First-Episode Schizophrenia Trial (EUFEST)'

By G.H.M. Pijnenborg, M.E. Timmerman, E.M. Derks, W.W. Fleischhacker, R.S. Kahn, A. Aleman.

This article is selected by the editor-in-chief for open access, allowing you to view it without the need for subscription fees.

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