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28th ECNP Congress: new sessions online

Our scientific programme for the 28th ECNP Congress is still expanding. We have added our Brainstorming sessions and Career Development sessions to the online programme.

Have you registered already? We have special discount rates for:

  • ECNP Members
  • Junior Scientists
  • Non-MDs
  • Residents of developing countries

Visit for details.

ECNP School Venice

On 19-24 April the second ECNP School of Old Age Neuropsychopharmaoclogy took place. 38 participants from 24 countries enjoyed a week-long programme of intensive training consisting of lectures and workshop cases on a beautiful Venetian island.

Both the participants and faculty members were very enthusiastic about the content of the programme and the interaction during the workshop cases.

We are looking forward to the next ECNP School of Old Age Neuropsycopharmacology in 2017!

ENP article of the month

This month’s featured article for free download is:

By Matthew J. Kempton and Philip McGuire.

This article is selected by the editor-in-chief for open access, allowing you to view it without the need for subscription fees.

2015 InSRI meeting

The International Society for Research on Impulsivity (InSRI) will convene a one-day meeting on Friday 28 August 2015, as satellite meeting to the 28th ECNP Congress. The meeting features five sessions:

1. Impulsivity as a (bio)marker for treatment response
2. Pharmacological aspects of impulsivity
3. Posters
4. Impulsivity across the lifespan
5. Junior Scientists Pitches

If you would like to join the meeting, you can register here.

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