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Extended deadline TNM

We have extended the application deadline for attending one of the three Targeted Network Meetings (TNMs) on Wednesday 22 October 2014, organised by:

• Anxiety Disorders Network
• European Network for Schizophrenia
• Suicide Network

If you would like to participate in one of the meetings, please find here info on: 

How to apply
ECNP Networks

New deadline: 11 June 2014.

Article of the Month

This month's selected article from our journal European Neuropsychopharmacology is:

Moderating role of FKBP5 genotype in the impact of childhood adversity on cortisol stress response during adulthood.

Download this free article.

Angela Vincent

ECNP Expert Talk

The new Expert Talk is by Angela Vincent, Professor of Neuroimmunology in the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

She talks about 'Autoimmune processes in encephalopathy: a promise for treatment of psychiatric disorders'.


Click here to view the talk.

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