Scientific Programme Committee

The chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) is appointed by the Executive Committee for three consecutive ECNP Congresses. For each congress, the chair SPC submits a proposal of committee members to the Executive Committee for approval, taking into account scientific standing of potential candidates, as well as the overall geographical and disciplinary balance. The independent SPC is charged with ensuring that the programme is of a uniformly high standard and balanced across the field of applied and translational neuroscience.

Members 31st ECNP Congress (6-9 October 2018, Barcelona, Spain):

Astrid Linthorst, United Kingdom, chair
Gil Zalsman, Israel, chair Educational Committee
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany, editor-in-chief journal ENP
Josefina Castro-Fornieles, Spain
Kim Do, Switzerland
Marion Leboyer, France
Paul Lucassen, The Netherlands
Kamilla Miskowiak, Denmark
Agneta Nordberg, Sweden
Stefano Pallanti, Italy
Andreas Reif, Germany
Marco Riva, Italy
Rainer Spanagel, Germany
Joop van Gerven, The Netherlands
Mark Weiser, Israel
Aysegul Yildiz, Turkey

Members 32nd ECNP Congress: (7-10 September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark):
Andreas Reif, Germany, chair
Astrid Linthorst, United Kingdom, past-chair
Gil Zalsman, Israel, chair Educational Committee
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany, editor-in-chief journal  ENP
Ole Andreassen, Norway
Elisabeth Binder, Germany
Francesca Cirulli, Italy
Alexander Gerhard, United Kingdom
Emily Holmes, Sweden
Gabriella Juhász, Hungary
Marin Jukic, Sweden
Ehud Klein, Israel
Mark Millan, France
Carmen Moreno, Spain
Christopher Pryce, Switzerland
Michelle Roche, Ireland
Nicolas Singewald, Austria
Kerstin von Plessen, Denmark

Members of previous Scientific Programme Committees