Provisional session titles 35th ECNP Congress

The scientific programme forms the central part of the Congress.ECNP Congress programme

Below you can already find the Symposia and Educational Update Sessions provisional titles of the 35th ECNP Congress Hybrid, 15-18 October 2022, Vienna, Austria.
In due time we will publish the lecture titles and speaker names in the searchable programme. More sessions (Brainstorming, Poster and Campfire Sessions, etc.) will be added once they become available. The Keynote and Plenary Lectures are mentioned on separate pages.


  • Beyond the classical culprits: multifaceted brain systems in eating and metabolic disorders
  • Immune-metabolic dysfunction in psychiatry
  • Rhythms of brain resilience: shining a spotlight on the menstrual cycle to treat mood disorders
  • Towards personalized psychedelic applications: understanding its treatment success
  • Targeting the unique neurobiology of mental illness in pregnancy and postpartum
  • What can mobile digital technologies offer in understanding, monitoring and treating mental disorders?
  • Targeting the perineuronal nets and other forms of neural ECM in psychiatric and neurological diseases
  • The role of insulin in the comorbidity between neuropsychiatric and somatic disorders
  • What does confidence have to do with it?!
  • Autism phenotype in females
  • Shaping the brain with exercise: implications for neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Brain in a dish – the past and future direction of hiPSC-derived cell models of neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Is epilepsy a psychiatric disorder?
  • Fast-acting antidepressant treatments: new perspectives
  • Cross-cutting issues in behavioural addictions, substance use disorders, and autism
  • Course alteration in ADHD: within sight or out of sight?
  • Psychotherapy 4.0 – neuroscience applied
  • Machine learning & the neurobiology of behaviour
  • Post-Covid psychiatric complications: from neurobiology to epidemiology

Educational Update Sessions

  • ‘Gut feelings’: from gut to brain and back again
  • Advances in understanding of the causes and treatment of anxiety disorders
  • Addressing sex differences in neuropsychopharmacological preclinical and clinical research
  • COG…..IGNITION! Can we jumpstart cognition in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder?
  • Assessment and management of sleep disorders in anxious and depressed patients
  • Existing and future avenues in the treatment of psychosis: preclinical and clinical perspectives