Below some of the interesting preliminary topics that will be presented during the 34th ECNP Congress.

  • Brain disorders: ADHD, schizophrenia, mood disorders, addiction, autism, gaming disorders, compulsive disorders, OCDs and more…
  • Neurobiology of psychiatric diseases
  • Discovery of new biomarkers
  • Novel compounds for psychiatric treatment
  • Co-morbidities of psychiatric disorders
  • Early intervention, prevention of disease and promotion of mental health
  • Big data, omics and machine learning
  • Gene therapy, neuromodulation, psychotherapy and other interventions
  • The male brain and the female brain             
  • Immuno-psychiatry
  • The heterogeneity of psychiatric patients
  • The science of suicide prevention
  • Engrams in psychiatry
  • Hunger, appetite and food choice
  • The social brain
  • Emotional regulation as target for treatment in young patients
  • Special sessions on: social isolation, bias in research, social media, organoids, single-cell analysis, computational psychiatry and more…
  • Inspiring science and stories from researchers and patients