Hotel terms and conditions

Immediately after booking your hotel room you will receive by e-mail a confirmation of your hotel reservation including the name and address of your hotel and the cost for the stay. If you have not received any confirmation, please contact c’accommodation by email.

The full payment of your stay is requested to make your reservation. This payment must be settled by credit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard).

All hotels prices indicated by c’accommodation on its website are in euros.
All payments through c’accommodation shall be made in euros.

Any bank fees shall be borne by the participant.

Cancellations, reduction of stay, no-show and early departure
Changes, reduction of stay or cancellation of hotel reservations should be notified in writing to c’accommodation, the official housing agency by e-mail.

They will be subject to the following conditions (if no other conditions are mentioned by the booked hotel):
- Cancellations or reduction of stay received on or before 20 May 2020: free of charge.
- Cancellations or reduction of stay received as of 20 May 2020: the full stay is charged.

Name and invoice changes
Name and invoice changes in hotel reservation must be notified in writing to c’accommodation by email.