Frequently Asked Questions - Registration

How do I register to the virtual congress?

You can register by filling out the online registration form. It is not possible to register via e-mail or telephone.

I have already registered for the physical congress, can I automatically join the virtual congress?
Not automatically but yes you can join the virtual congress without registering again. Already registered participants have been approached by e-mail if they would like to transfer their registration to the virtual congress.

Do I get a refund of the fee differences, since the congress isn’t physical anymore?
If you already registered and paid for the physical congress, you will be eligible for a refund of the difference between what you have paid and the new fee.

I do not want to attend the virtual meeting. Can I cancel my registration?
Should you decide to cancel your registration altogether, because of the unusual situation, we will waive the administration fee and give already registered participants a full refund. This can be done up until 1 June. After 1 June the € 90 cancellation fee will apply. Already registered participants have been notified via e-mail about further steps to be taken.

Can I register for only one of the congress days or for a specific session?
No, only full congress registrations are possible.

If I am unable to attend, can someone take over my online registration?
It is not possible to transfer registrations as fees are linked to the given person. Participants who are unable to attend the virtual congress should cancel their registration by e-mail. In the event of cancellation the cancellation policy applies.

Why am I charged the full fee, although I registered for the reduced rate?
If you registered for a reduced rate but you are not entitled to this reduced rate, the full fee will be charged. If payment by bank transfer is selected, membership will only be activated once full payment has been received.

Can I become an ECNP member and at the same time register for the congress?
Yes, you can if you pay by credit card. At the online registration the option will be offered to become or renew ECNP memberships. Your membership will be activated immediately if payment is done by credit card and you will be transferred directly to the congress registration page. 

If payment by bank transfer is selected, membership will only be activated once full payment has been received.