Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual congress

FAQ ECNP Congress Virtual

Can I claim CME credits?
Yes, you can claim CME credits. The exact number of CME credits is currently under review. 

Will all sessions in the programme be available in the virtual congress?
All sessions will be available during the virtual congress.

Can I look back sessions, if I don´t have time to follow all of them?
Yes, almost all sessions will be available after they took place. 

I am a speaker/chair at the congress. What should I do now?
The ECNP office will contact you via e-mail.

Is the congress cancelled?
No, the 33rd ECNP Congress is transferred into a virtual congress.

Is the virtual congress planned on the current congress dates?
Yes, the 33rd ECNP Congress Virtual is taking place from 12 to 15 September 2020. 

What if I would like to join, but I am not available on the planned dates?
Almost all sessions will be available on demand for three months after the congress for registered participants.

My question is not answered on this page. Who can I contact?
For questions related to your registration please contact the Registration secretariat via e-mail.
For all other questions please send an e-mail

I booked a hotel via c’accommodation, what do I need to do?
Please contact c’accommodation directly by e-mail.

What steps should I take to get reimbursed for the costs related to my travel?
For your airline travel, contact your airline directly and if you have taken a travel insurance, contact your provider for information about the cancellation procedure.

I am an exhibitor/industry session organiser at the congress, what should I do?
You have already been in contact with the ECNP Office. For any related questions please contact us via e-mail.

Will the industry sessions still be organised?
Yes, there will be virtual Industry sessions organised.

Will there be a virtual exhibition?
Yes, there will be a virtual exhibition.

During the sessions, will translation and/or subtitles be provided?
No, translation and/or subtitles will not be provided during the sessions.