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Official launch of the EQIPD project

The EQIPD (European Quality In Preclinical Data) project was officially launched on 1 October 2017. The ambitious project is aimed at tackling some of the major problems of developing new drugs to treat brain diseases.

The €9.6m EQIPD project will last three years, and unite more than 20 research groups from industry and academia. It aims to establish systematic guidelines, and ensure drug safety, for researchers developing new neurological drugs for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The project, which is co-funded by the EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), is coordinated by Prof Malcolm Macleod from the University of Edinburgh and the project leader is Thomas Steckler of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV.

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EQIPD Team 2017

Kick-off meeting last October in Beerse, Belgium.

Development of a new educational platform

To maximize the sustainability and impact of the EQIPD quality system, its users need to be knowledgeable of its underlying rationale. In order to achieve this, an engaging electronic Learning Environment will be developed to ensure research community-wide expansion of knowledge on principles necessary to address robustness and quality.

Existing training materials will be collected, assessed and collated into courses on an electronic platform, through which essential training on quality principles can then be achieved. The platform will initially be aimed at early career scientific and quality professionals, but will be set up in a staged approach, so that it has the potential to be expanded to include training materials for end users at different career stages, and in different languages.

The scope of topics includes: animal welfare, experimental design, validity (e.g. construct, internal, external), statistics, systematic review methodology, data handling, transparent reporting and scientific integrity, data governance and data integrity, and set up of industry/academia collaborations.

The development of the new education platform has already started. We are currently in the process of identifying and selecting training materials, and specifying user requirements for the platform.

EQIPD website is now live!

We are pleased to announce the launching of the new EQIPD website. It has been designed to showcase the development of the project and inform you of the latest news.

The website gives an overview of the project including its aim, list of partners and contact information. It has listed out a clear set of objectives that will enable you to easily understand what the project offers.

Visit the EQIPD website!


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